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49 Track image Josh Henderson


UK-England, London, London Heavy machinery and oversized cargo shipping Category of goods:
  Heavy machinery
82 Track image Wayne 010SQN TRANSPORTERS


UK-Wales, South Glamorgan, Cowbridge Specializing in Damaged Caravan Transporters. Other items catered for. Please just ask. Price from:£1,00
Category of goods:
  Household Items
  Cattle and pets
  Vehicles transportation
  Courier Services
  Heavy machinery
53 Track image Benjamin Clark


Ireland, Dublin, Dublin City Centre Bulk cargo shipping Category of goods:
  Heavy machinery

Heavy haul trucking

Complicated delivery

 What makes heavy haul freight transportation one of7ec13bea-fb92-4893-b597-3965ca99c7f9 the most complex kinds of orders is the special conditions that are needed for the proper shipment. Large freight shipping is indeed unique in a way that it requires specialized equipment and personnel in order to be executed right.

 Therefore, there are not as many transportation companies that are willing to offer such services, which sometimes makes heavy equipment delivery an expensive and troublesome undertaking. So, before you get yourself an unfavorable deal, we advise you to research the subject and continue reading!

Knowing the right price

 However, even though this kind of shipments indeed requires some special preparations, the prices are often set too high for customers. In order to know the right price for your case, Offerpride’s system provides you with a unique opportunity to get the best deal possible. No matter how complex the process of delivery is, there is no need to worry about not having the freedom to choose the conditions of your deal that would be most suitable to you. Our auction system allows you to see all the proposed bids and lets you know what is the right price for sure.

Choosing your shipper

 There is more to choosing your shipper than just going for the lowest bid if you want to use our system to the fullest. Browse through transportation companies’ profiles to know what kind of services they provide, read the reviews of their work, and see if there is any additional valuable information there.

 Be it construction equipment transportation or heavy machinery shipping, there is always a field which transporter prioritizes, and maybe it is worthwhile to consider choosing a specialized company rather than a company with a universal approach.

Advantages for heavy machinery haulers

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