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Raymond Judge

    Our transporters earn high praise from their clients, as well as considerably increase what they bring home to their families. Raymond Judge, one of OfferPride’s highly ranked couriers, explains why people choose this platform to grow their delivery businesses.

-       Ray, could you share the story of how you joined OfferPride?

-       Gladly. You see, I work full-time at a fish processing factory in Dublin. Some time ago I started taking delivery orders on the side to make a little money for the family. Initially, I tried going through other services, but they gave me two deliveries a week at best. Then I heard about OfferPride, so I decided to check it out. Now, I am doing pretty well, and this job adds a lot to my family’s budget.

-       Ray, why did you choose OfferPride over other delivery auction websites?

-       Well, it’s simple. It helps you earn more! Other platforms charge up to a quarter of the cost on each delivery you make, which forces you to either increase your price and lose out to the competition or lower it so much that it stops bringing a profit. OfferPride does not charge any commission and provides a steady flow of orders.  

-       Today more and more people are choosing our delivery auction. Do you think you will stay with this platform even if you have to create a paid account here?

-       Yes, of course. There aren’t too many couriers on the website now. I am sure when the company introduces PRO accounts, my position in the rankings will be nice and secure and I’ll have a stable customer base. What I really like is that maintaining my account on OfferPride is very cheap. The weekly fee is less than the cost of three Starbucks coffees! No, seriously, I spend more on my coffee than I am going to spend here to develop my courier business.

-       Ray, would you like to say anything to users reading this interview?

-       Sure. I will be happy to deliver your cargo with the highest dedication and quality of service. Please, contact me on my profile page if you ever need my help. It never hurts to have a champion of the rankings in your corner!

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