How it works for transporter  provides transporters with some top-notch opportunities to develop their business. Instead of creating a full-scale promotional campaign in order to offer your services to customers interested in having their cargo delivered, you can create a profile on Offerpride and set up your communication directly. Whether you are acting on behalf of a huge organization or a small shipment service, we believe that Offerpride just cannot be overlooked as a way to promote your company.


The easiest part of the process, just hit a “Free registration” button, fill out a basic form and you are good to go!


Finding work

Upon going to the “Find Orders” section of our website, you can specify the details of a delivery order you wish to complete, search for the available ones that meet your requirements, and try to offer a competitive price for the ones you prefer.

Every order has an auction page where the client is surely to state some general information about the delivery. It is a public chat room and you are free to talk with the client, further promoting your offer. We advise you do not under any circumstances give away any private information in auction chat because it will be displayed publicly.

Processing an order

Upon mutual agreement on the order between you and the client, you both are required to confirm the order. But before you do so, we recommend you to print out the order agreement, a document you will be provided with as you confirm the order.

After the order has been confirmed by both sides, you can enter a private chat room. There, you are able to exchange any personal information and arrange your deal thoroughly.

After you have completed the order and the customer wrote a review of your services, you can directly reply to it.

Being directly contacted

Any client has an opportunity to view the profile of your company and make an order directly to you. It is up to you if you want to accept it, you have a certain amount of time (the client decides how much exactly) to confirm the order or refuse it. Filling out your profile helps you arrange this kind of deals, so take a closer look at the next paragraph!

Filling out your profile

After completing the registration, you become able to specify the details of the services you provide, the price of your work, and last but not least describe the equipment in your possession. In order to inform your customers of the automobiles you use for shipment, go to “My Menu” -> “My Auto”.

Doing so will help your potential customers to create orders directly on your page and will ease the process of finding orders, as all the details will be specified for your search.

We hope that these guidelines will help you to promote your business and arrange a number of successful deals! 

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