Terms of use


The present User agreement is subject to the legal relationships between the Site Administration with the domain name www.offerpride.com and the User of the site regarding the use of the Site, its main Services, the process of registration at the site, setting the rights and duties of the Site Administration and the Users, making distinction of the responsibility between them, the procedure of defining the rating of the Carrier, the procedure of dispute settlement and claims examination.

The Site Administration asks to carefully read the User agreement.

1. General definitions

1.1. Site administration –  Company “All for all” limited (Certificate of incorporation # 173393, date of registration 08.10.2015).

1.2. Customer – legally competent person who has attained the age of 18, using the Site for the personal purposes or acting on behalf of the legal entity that he represents.

1.3. Site — site located on the Internet under the domain name www.offerpride.com

1.4. Registered user – an individual or a legal entity registered at the site in the order provided by the paragraph 3 of the present User agreement.  

1.5. Customer – a registered user of the site who left at least one request for the transportation of any private or commercial cargoes.

1.6. Carrier – a registered user of the site that has the possibility to offer his price proposals for any request of the Customers for the private or commercial cargo transportation.

1.7. Request - an application that a Customer filled in on the site about private or commercial cargo in order to find the Carrier and know the price of the required transportation.

1.8. Exclusive right – the right to use the Site, the materials present at the site at its own discretion in any legit manner.  

1.9. Registration on the site – a set of actions of the User in accordance with the instructions, including login details submission and other information with use of a special form of the User interface of the Site in order to create a personal account and have access to certain services of the site.

1.10. Services — functional opportunities, services, instruments available for the Users after the registration on the site.

1.11. Personal account — personal profile of the user registered on the site where the user has access to the services provided by the site.  

1.12. User agreement – present document with all the changes and additional information located on the Internet at the address www.offerpride.com/info/agreement

2. General definitions

2.1. The site is an online-service of cargo transportation that gives a possibility to Customers (cargo senders) to leave requests for delivery and transportation of any private or commercial cargos and to Carriers – to offer their price proposals and conditions for these cargos delivery.  

2.4. The use of the Site is possible only under the conditions established by the User agreement and other documents regulating the activity of the Site. The User is obliged to stop using the Site if he does not agree with any conditions of the present User agreement.

2.2. The User agreement is a public offer. The User joins the present User agreement from the moment of the access to the site and its content. The registered user confirms his adherence to the terms of the User agreement during the registration on the site.

3. Registration

3.1. To access the Personal account, to post the requests for the cargo delivery or transportation, to offer proposals for cargo delivery, to use other services of the site the User should register on the site in the order established by the present User agreement.

3.2. The User should go through the process of registration by filling in the form of registration on the page: www.offerpride.com/reg/Index

3.3. During the registration at the site the User must indicate the following:

  • Name;

  • Email address;

  • Password;

3.4. During the registration on the site, the User must agree with the terms of the present User agreement and the Privacy Policy.

3.5. The User guarantees that the information provided during Registration is true and up to date.  

3.6. After filling in the registration form and clicking on the “Register” button the User will get an email to the email address indicated with the confirmation link; 

3.8. Every User registered on the Site has a unique personal account to have access to the Site services.

3.9. The registered user can access the Personal account by going through authorization (entering his phone/email address and password) or by automatic authorization using cookies.

3.10. The Site Administration uses the cookies technology for the automatic authorization of the registered user and also to collect the analytics including those about the attendance of the site.

3.11. The Registered user can restrict or prohibit the use of cookies making appropriate configurations in the browser.

3.12. If the authorisation is impossible because of password loss the Registered user can use the service to reset the password on the site. If the authorisation is impossible because of the blockage of the Personal account or any other reasons the Registered user can address to the Site administration via the feedback form on the site, located at www.offerpride.com/info/contacts

3.13. The means to restore the access to the Personal account, the authorization of the Registered user can be changed, canceled or modified by the Site Administration on a unilateral basis.

3.14. When Registration is complete upon completing authorisation on the site the Registered user gets the access to the Personal account and free online services.

3.15. The Registered user takes full responsibility to save the personal password. The Registered user is prohibited to give his password to the third parties in any form and under any circumstances. The Registered user is obliged to immediately inform the Site Administration about all illegal use of the registered data of the Registered user by the third parties.

3.16. After registration on the offerpride.com website the Registered user automatically gives a  consent so that the site administration can advertise the Registered user's profile or orders through social medias without any prior notices 

4. Rights and duties of the User and the Site Administration

4.1. The User has the right:

- to individually learn the information, the requests for the cargo transportation on the site;

- after the registration to post on the site requests for the cargo transportation in accordance with the terms of the present User agreement and other documents regulating the activity of the site;

- to get the access and if possible to take part in the auction for the Customers requests for the cargo transportation;

- to provide the personal email, telephone number during registration, giving a consent to receive an SMS message to the number/email to the email address indicated during the registration on the site;  

- to leave feedback on carriers on the site

4.2. The User is obliged:

- to use the Site in a manner not to violate the law and the present User agreement, other documents regulating the Site activity;

- comply with rights and freedoms of the third parties;

- behave in a respectful manner towards all Users of the Site;

- not to take any actions that may lead to a disproportionately large load on the Site;

- not to copy, reproduce, modify, represent the products, information, content of the Site without the Site administration agreement;

- not to take any actions that would prevent the work of the Site or its certain services;

4.3. The Users are prohibited to post on the Site messages, requests, feedbacks containing:

— slander and insults, false information;

— indecent information;

— threats to other Users;

— advertisement of any goods and services links to websites and pages on the Internet;

— information about the private life, personal data of the third parties;

— state secrets, other confidential information;

— offensive language;

— statements of extremist nature;

— calls for mass disturbances, participation in mass (public) events, organized in violation of the public order;

— spam and trolling.

4.4. The Site prohibits the messages, requests, feedbacks that violate intellectual properties of the third parties.

4.5. Any action committed through the Personal account of the User is considered an action executed by the User or a person authorized by him. The User takes full responsibility in accordance with the law of all actions and omissions done through the Personal account, during the use of the Site and the Service.

4.6. While placing the Request for cargo transportation on the Site, the User makes the data indicated in the Request public and understands that the indicated information is published on the Site in the open access, this will be available to an unlimited number of persons on the territory of all countries of the world where there is a possibility to use the Internet network and have access to the site. The Customer provides the contact details directly to the Carrier that has won the auction.

4.7. The Site Administration has the right:

- to modify the terms of the present User agreement;

- to provide services in accordance with the terms of the present User agreement;

- to modify the content posted by the Users on the Site and also to delete messages, requests, feedbacks if the User violates the law, present User agreement, other documents that regulate the work of the Site;

- to block temporarily or permanently the access to the paid services of the site, to block temporarily or permanently the access to the Personal account in cases provided in the paragraph 5.11 of the present User agreement;

4.8. The Site Administration provides no guarantees regarding the information left by the User on the site in the requests or messages, including accuracy and completeness of such information.

4.9. The Site Administration is not a representative or an agent of the Customer or the Carrier according to the present User agreement. The Site Administration is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the Carriers that have won the auction according to the Customer’s request on the Site.

4.10. The information on the site is provided “as it is”. The site is under construction, the site administration does not guarantee the trouble-free access to the Site, the absence of mistakes, removal of defects or the protection of the viruses or other dangerous components transmission as a result of use of the Site.

4.11. The Site Administration 
disclaims all liability for non-observance of contractual arrangements either by customer or carrier.

The Site Administration does not participate in any legal proceedings between the customer and carrier

5. Site Administration services

5.1. The Site Administration provides the services on the site that become available after registration of the User on the site, or after the payment of the tariff plan (for certain services).

5.2. The site provides the following free services:

  • Possibility for the Customer to post his/her request on the cargo transportation; 

  • Possibility of the Carrier to place 7 bids a week for the Customer requests for the cargo transportation;

5.3. The Site provides the following paid services (Pro account for the Carrier):

  • The possibility for the Carrier to set the unlimited number of bids for the Customer request for cargo transportation;

  • The possibility to send private messages to the Customers; 

  • Profile is highlighted with a different color;
  • Auction bids are highlighted in color;
  • Profile is shown above free profiles in the transporters list; 
  • Rating increase 20% faster as compared to free users;
  • 500 extra points to carrier's rating;

5.4. The fee for the plan to use the paid services of the site is:

       1-89 PRO days - 1,42£ Daily (bronze plan)

       90-179 PRO days - 1,29£ Daily (silver plan)

       180-365 PRO days - 1,15£ Daily (golden plan)


During the request, the Carrier can choose himself the number of days for which the access to the paid services is provided.

Sometimes The Site Administration offers pricing discounts.

5.5. The fee of the plan does not include the possible commissions of the third parties used in receiving the payments for the services.

5.6. The Carrier can pay for the plan (Pro account) through the Personal account in the category “My menu”, subcategory “Balance”.

5.7. After the User intends to get access to the Pro account by clicking the button “Pay”, he/she is redirected to the site of the paying system PayPal.

5.8. The User is solely responsible for the mistakes that he/she made during the payment process.

5.9. The User gets access to the Pro account services after the money appears on the balance of the Personal account.

5.10. The User agrees that he/she does not have the right to return the payment for the services of the Site Administration, without taking into account the results of his/her participation in the auctions of the Customer requests for the cargo transportation.

5.11. The Site Administration reserves the right not to grant/deny access to the paid services of the Site to block temporarily or permanently Personal account in the following cases:
- The registration or payment information of the User is incorrect or not verifiable;
- The Customer request looks unusual or fraudulent;
- The Site Administration believes that the user is under the age of 18 years;
- The Carrier has 3 (three) complaints from Users during the year that the Site administration considers reasonable.

A registered user who bought the PRO account is sent a letter to his registration e-mail with a reminder of paid subscription termination date 2 days before the subscription expires.

6. Placing cargo transportation requests on the Site, participation of Carriers in an auction.

6.1. The Customer has right to place any number of requests for cargo transportation on the Site.

6.2. The request for cargo transportation can be placed on the site in one of the following means:

6.2.1. It is necessary to register on the site as a Customer and fill in all the necessary fields of application:

source and destination

detailed information about the cargo

time and budget

The request is placed on the site after clicking the button “Send to the auction”.

6.2.2. The registered user can place the request for the cargo transportation through the Personal account in the category “My menu” clicking on the button “Create new order”, filling in all the necessary fields.

6.2.3. Choose the category of the cargo transportation on the main page and fill in the necessary fields for the cargo transportation.

6.3. The User can order the car at a certain Carrier, which requires:

  • To go the category “Transporter” and choose the suitable Transporter using the filter of the search;

  • To check his/her personal page;

  • To choose the suitable for transportation transport and services in the list of available cars;

  • To fill in the related fields of the Request.

    If the customer makes a direct order, there is a private chat on the page of the created order for the communication between the customer and the chosen carrier.

6.4. The Customer takes full responsibility for the content and form of the cargo transportation Request.

6.5. Until the moment of Request confirmation, the User can at any time update, suspend or close any of his/her placed Requests on the site.

6.5. After posting the Request for the cargo transportation the Carriers can place the bid for the chosen Request.

6.6. The Customer can see the bids that the Carriers placed on their Request through the Personal account.  

6.7. The customer and carriers can communicate in the chat provided right on the page of the auction, created by the customer (“Ask a Question” button). For Users safety, they should not put personal contact information in auction chat.

6.8. The Customer can accept any from the bids placed by the Carriers for their Request through the Personal account in the category “My menu”, subcategory “My orders” by clicking on the button “Select a bid”.

6.9. After the Customer confirms the bid, the chosen Carrier will receive the notification in the Personal account.

6.10. The Carrier who has received the notification from the Customer can confirm the Request in the Personal account by clicking “Confirm the order”. 

The Site Administration suggests that Users consider the shipping contract drafted by The Site Administration in case Users need one, Users can use this particular template in their sole discretion. This contract template is free for download on offerpride.com

The contract is not a legally-attested document but a sample of cargo delivery agreement between the customer and carrier.

The Site Administration disclaims all liability for non-observance of contractual arrangements either by customer or carrier.

If there is no confirmation from the part of Carrier, the Request is considered open and other Carriers can place their bids.  

6.11. After the Request is confirmed by the Carrier (“Confirm the Order” button) auction is considered closed and the common chat deactivates.

The Site Administration send Carrier's contact information to the Customer and Customer's contact information to the Carrier (the personal contacts that Customer and Carrier specified in their personal accounts - email and phone number) 

6.12. After the confirmation of the Request by the Carrier, he/she has no right to refuse to deliver the cargo without sufficient grounds and with the agreement for transportation concluded between the Carrier and the Customer. If the Carrier refuses to deliver the cargo then it will be automatically considered in the Carrier’s rating on the site and the Customer has the right to leave only the negative feedback about the Carrier on the site.

7. Rating of the Carrier

       7.1. On the site, there is a constant rating of the Carriers and the rating for the last 6 months defined in the procedure provided by the present paragraph.

       7.2. The constant rating of the Carrier (rating for all the time of the existence of the site) is the definite number of points that influences the authority of the                 User on  the site and it depends on the number of variables.

        7.3. In the following cases, the Carrier gets/loses the following number of points in the constant rating.

       How the rating of the Carrier changes:

       7.3.1. If the Carrier has a PRO account, his rating increases by 500 points. If the PRO account expires, the rating reduces by 500 points.

       7.3.2. The rating increases by 15 points for each completed order (18 points for PRO account);

       7.3.3. The rating of the Carrier increases after each positive feedback about the Carrier:

                 5 stars  (+ 40 points)

                 4 stars  (+ 30 points)

                 3 stars - points are not added

                 The rating reduces after each negative feedback:

                 2 stars ( - 35 points)

                 1 star ( - 45 points)

             The rating of the Carrier who has a PRO account increases after each positive feedback about the Carrier:

                  5 stars  (+ 48 points)

                  4 stars  (+ 36 points)

                  3 stars - points are not added

              The rating reduces after each negative feedback:

                  2 stars ( - 35 points)

                  1 star ( - 45 points)

       7.3.4. For each day visit of the site the Carrier gets 1 additional point (1,2 points for PRO account);

       7.3.5. After the bid placing the rating increases by 1 point for the first 5 bids in a day (1,2 points for PRO account);

       7.3.6. The filled fields in the Personal account add 3 points for every field (3,6 points for PRO account).  

                                        Five stars rating

  • half star breakpoint - 10

  • one star breakpoint - 100

  • one and a half stars breakpoint - 250

  • two stars breakpoint - 500

  • two and a half stars breakpoint - 750

  • three stars breakpoint - 1000

  • three and a half stars breakpoint - 1300

  • four stars breakpoint - 1600

  • four and a half stars breakpoint - 1950

  • five stars breakpoint - 2300

7.4. The Rating of the Carrier for the last 6 months is defined as a ratio of the number of positive feedbacks of the Carrier on the Site for the last 6 months to the number of all feedbacks on the Site in relation to the present Carrier.

8. Newsletter Subscription 

8.1. If User decides to subscribe to the newsletter by offerpride.com the Site Administration will request from the User such information as name and e-mail address for the reasons mentioned below.

The Site Administration regularly runs special offers/promos which can be of vital importance and interest for Users as well as useful information products The Site Administration makes for customers and carriers.

In order to inform Users of such products and provide access to them, The Site Administration needs to send them an information e-mail letter. In addition to that, The Site Administration may hold an opinion poll to find out Users attitude to the services, products and receive a feedback.

Ascertain the information Users provide to The Site Administration is accurate.

The Site Administration can request Users to submit a more detailed information in future to make up more useful and target-oriented products/services.

8.2. User's name and e-mail address are used for the following purposes:
  • processing of User's requests to the site support team;

  • sending newsletter and promotional information on new products, services, and special offers;

  • service messaging e.g. in case User forgot his password;

  • sending reminders of paid subscription termination date/tariff plan effect termination date for carriers using PRO account;

8.4. Who else gets access to personal data?

The Site Administration uses a mailing service to carry out mailing. The mailing service processes users’ personal data (e-mail, name) in order to let the Site Administration to be able to send to the user an e-mail with access to purchased product(s) or inform the user of upcoming special offers/tariff plans.

The Site Administration can disclose user’s personal data upon exceptional circumstances such as requirement of law, pursuing the aim to protect oneself and others against illegal acts and other hazards.

8.5. Security

The Site Administration takes reasonable measure to minimize risks of users’ personal data to be lost, stolen, abused, disclosed or unauthorizedly accessed.

At the same time, The Site Administration cannot entirely guarantee to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to personal data and its following abuse.

The Site Administration earnestly asks users to be considerate about storing their accounts’ passwords and do not pass them to anybody else (if products containing access passwords are implied)

In the event of informational security incident instantly contact the The Site Administration offerpride.com

8.6. Children

The Site Administration strongly urges all site visitors below 18 years obtain permission of parents or custodians before submission any personal data to offerpride.com

The Site Administration does not intentionally collect any information about children.

When it comes to notice of The Site Administration that personal data of children below 18 years have been collected The Site Administration will take measures to delete such information within the shortest possible time.

8.7. Rejection to subscribe to newsletter

If Users no longer wish to receive messages from The Site Administration they can follow the link (unsubscribe button) in each letter from offerpride.com.

9. Intellectual property

8.1. The exclusive right for the Site, including the Site as a computer program, its name, logo, design elements, graphics and other works placed on the site belong to the Site administration.

8.2. It is prohibited to use the name of the Site, logos situated on the Site, elements of its design.  

8.3. Violation of copyright and exclusive rights is subject to criminal and civil liability. Any violations are pursued by the Site administration in the judicial process.  

10. Settlement of disputes, the procedure of treating complaints

9.1. The Site administration makes all efforts to prevent violations of any rights on the site.

9.2. In case of any disputes or disagreements, the Site administration makes all efforts to solve them through negotiations.

9.3. In case the User or the third party believes that the Site administration by any means violates his rights, has any claims, he can address to the Site administration via the email form on the site to solve the conflict in the out-of-court procedure.  

9.4. In the claim the following information should be indicated:

— which rights are violated by the Site Administration;

— information about the person who considers that his/her rights are violated;

— information about the representative, if the claim is addressed by the representative;

— the action in which the Site administration, Carrier or the Customer violated the rights;

— contact information for communication (phone number, email address, Skype login, if available).  

9.5. The Site Administration does not examine the claims for failure to comply with necessary duties in the contract between the Customer and the Carrier.

11. Final provisions

10.1. The User agreement enters into force from the moment of its publication and is valid until its revocation by the Site administration.  

10.2. The Site administration has the right to make any changes or additions in the terms of the User Agreement or to withdraw the User agreement at any time at its own discretion without notification of the Users.  

10.3. The Users read on their own the updated version of the User Agreement on the page http://offerpride.com/info/agreement


Site Administration warned - the site is still in development, this is a beta version. Please contact us for any issues or bugs on the site. Website administration is not responsible for any lost data during the test period.  All services are completely free for the testing period.