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Free of charge service gives transporters an opportunity to find loads absolutely for free.

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Offerpride does not charge any commission from closed deals, even from very big ones.

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This is the price if a transporter is willing to set off and extend his profile features to premium ones, solely in this case applies charges to the transporter.

Having a premium account or any other additional features is not a compulsory condition unlike some of other free load boards

What gives you PRO account?

  • Unlimited bids in auctions
  • Listed above the users without PRO account
  • Highlighting your bids in auctions
  • Highlighting your profile in Transporter's list
  • 500 extra points to rating
  • Extra 20% rate increase
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Keep checking our special offers on the website, participate and get nice and useful bonuses You can get:
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Download free Test for Transporters "Getting a job done doesn`t make you a good businessman"

Nowadays it is enough to buy a van or even a bicycle (if we are talking about courier service) to qualify as a shipper. That makes it for a good enterprise, as the transportation market is developing day by day.

There are certain intermediary companies offering services in transportation that are overstepping their limits to make a huge profit from every delivery order. Moreover, smaller transportation businesses are left with no chance to grow, as the market is being monopolized by bigger shippers.

Among many other things, these are the main reasons we had to establish Offerpride. As one of the founders of Offerpride and a former transporter I have encountered all these difficulties myself. Therefore, I know what kind of landmines all of us have to face while trying to make our way up in this business.

You may have come up with a question, “What are the differences between Offerpride and other similar services?” The main difference is that we are offering transporters to use our services either free or for the price 10£ weekly that is equivalent to three cups of Starbucks coffee. And even if you go for the free option, you still get an opportunity to promote your services. Anyway, In order to start getting orders you just need to register for free on the website and a potential client can possibly pick you for a job.

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