What’s Better: Advertising As Public Opinion or One Million Dollars?

What’s best for business: one million dollars or being known on the Internet as a professional in your own area.


Who is the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos: genius or charlatan?


Looking around, we will see that the Internet, mercilessly stealing our time, has won us without a single shot. We are crazy about selfies, fight over likes, our children don’t let their phones out of their hands even while meeting friends outside. We are lazy so much that we even order underwear on the Internet. Bravo, Mr. Jeff Bezos, just as I admire you, so I hate you because you are one of those who turned us into slaves.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon, and I don’t palter with truth by saying he is a legend.

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The man who became the richest person on the planet on November 24, 2017 — $100,3 billion, and by March 2018 — $131,1 billion. His secret is simple — he has come to realize that people will increasingly be Internet-dependent and, founding the online store Amazon in 1994, started selling books on the Internet.

It took Mr. Bezos about four years after founding Amazon to finally start working. So, what had he been doing for those 4 years? Step by step he built positive public opinion about Amazon, in other words, created good advertisement. Step by step he became well known on the Internet and set up a reputation of a reliable partner without spending money on TV or radio advertising.

You might say, “There used to be little competition, and Jeff didn't really have to work hard to create a good image for Amazon on the Internet, now it's better to have $1 million to paint your car in the colors of your company, buy airtime on the radio and TV, and you will be right at the top.“ Yes, you are right, this is a good move! And you might get several customers, maybe, even a hundred. We know that there is such a thing as a "hot" customer — a person who is ready to buy/use a service right now (saw your ad on TV, immediately called you and bought your product/service).

And there is a "cold" client, who has to grow into a purchase of any product or service — a person who is still thinking whether he needs this product/service now or not. He may purchase it tomorrow or in two or three months, in other words, he will “ripen” when money for the purchase of airtime may end. And when $1 million is spent you’ll be simply forgotten.


Because in order for people to really start talking about you, you need advertising on the radio/TV for several years! And this requires a constant infusion of money, because one-time advertising during a month is nothing.

"But what about the car in the colors of your company?" you may ask. How many of these cars drive in your city? Hundreds, thousands? And how many of them can we really remember? A maximum of 5… And then only those which park next to you or constantly make deliveries in your area. These are the cars that are tied to a certain place. In other cases, you just forget them after 5 minutes.

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If we go back to the time of Amazon establishment, we will see that the site was launched in 1995, but it hadn’t been completely finished because there were many mistakes. For example, there was such a ridiculous thing as ordering a negative number of books. But Jeff Bezos moved forward, he knew that the world was too competitive, so he worked to not be forgotten, to be talked about.

So why don't you start building positive public opinion about your company/name now by writing your first unique* article and telling about yourself? Who you are, where you worked, what moved you forward to create your company, how it originated, what difficulties and funny situations you faced and how you solved them.

And what’s even better: write a whole series of unique articles, showing in them how qualified in relating to your business issues you are or how your product is useful for different segments of the population and professions. And only after you create positive public opinion, people will talk about you, so you don’t need to be concerned about where to get a million dollars for. Your grateful customers will bring it to you. 

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And the most important thing — so, who is the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, genius or charlatan?

Jeff Bezos is neither a genius nor a charlatan, he is an ordinary person like you and me, and he is not devoid of simple human frailties. But he's one of those who had been going to his goal, working primarily on himself and self-development.  

“Clients Get the Advertising They Deserve” - David Ogilvy, the father of advertising

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark” - Steuart Henderson Britt  

Do you deserve better or am I mistaken?  

Themes for reflection:

1. Have you seen at least one ad of Amazon on the radio or TV?

2. Maybe Mr. Jeff Bezos, as many years ago, looks further than you and me?


*Uniqueness — only one of its kind, unrepeatable. An important aspect of drafting.

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