The sample of the “fossil”, which is leading the company

The sample of the “fossil”, which is leading the company. How the old-school managers recruiting can affect company’s expansion.

 knight, old-school manager

I had always a good expression of old-school businessmen and managers, they, just like knights in shining armor, made deals of business in word battles. But here’s one thing: times of “knights” business-tournaments are gone. The technology age has come, and these days it is not enough to just give a word of honor. The proof is needed. Proof that you’re the real knight, gentleman, the businessman with a capital “B”.

Of course you can retort me, arguing your position with your great car, photos of your amazing office. Yes, it will be convincing, but only for those who know you directly, within your city maybe, if this city is not big.

What is next? What is outside that circle of acquaintances?

Photos won’t be so convincing, cause anyone can make a photo in a boss’s chair, even a janitor. Same thing with a car. So even if you’re the greatest businessman, no one believes you without proof of that you were somewhere, did something. It is easy to google information about such a businessman, but it takes a lot of time. And losing time, you’re losing money. And it helps your opponents.

So, it looks like you spend your time to find new partners and on meetings with them. And after that they will need to check the info you gave them, although they should know about you and search for a way to meet you.

By the way, the “meeting” is not topical these days, because in our century most of deals become done by pressing the “Enter” button.

Let’s have a look at the particular case.

The owner of one big company is long time in fish business. He has many partners - from big (supermarkets) to little (local shops, restaurants etc.).

The  TV channel “Travel” came to make a video about this company. Journalists wrote about them in newspapers, every year delegates of this company come to different European exhibitions, demonstrating their products. Also, recently one worldwide famous American company invited them as an expert in fish cutting to demonstrate the master-class, because these two companies were partners at the time. And they invited real customers from the whole country to the show.

You think it was cool? Yeah, it WAS cool.

And that made them famous just for the short time because the point is - it WAS.

Well, they grow up in their own eyes, were on TV once, some people saw the topic about them in newspapers. They gave a fish-cutting master-class. So what? Nothing, actually. They were forgotten soon thereafter, and even if some people noticed them, there are just 5% of all interested who will contact with them somehow.

But why were they forgotten?

Because people don’t eat fish every day, same as they not often use lawyer's or cargo services. Also, personal sympathy and price are important too.

People just forget those things which are not in their field of view, not glimpsing all the time in front of them. They won’t memorize that kind of company. Its offer is not unique. And they all will memorize this company only if it gives something very unique to the market.

Let’s have a look at the situation from the manager’s or boss’s point of view, but with more modern and progressive approach.

We use the “Travel” channel movie making as the example.

For the beginning, let's define and separate roles in the upcoming show.

“Travel” channel crew - group 1.

Fish factory crew - group 2.

The fish factory owner - the man who responds for the “Travel” TV crew meeting and the main figure of the upcoming reportage.

Fish company manager - person, which organizes everything and coordinate the TV crew, which consist of fish factory workers or other wage workers.

First of all, the fish factory owner and manager make a “Travel” TV crew meeting plan and a plan of movie making at the place. Also, they assign positions for the group 2. Why is another TV crew needed?

It’s simple.

Before the filming process:

Company boss meets the guests from the “Travel” channel on the street and to talk to them like an old good friend, telling about himself and getting interested in their professional activity, how the movie making goes and which complications are on the way.

And like it is by-the-way, while the conversation is going, helps to unload the equipment, and if possible, jokes with them.

And right in the same time, somebody from the group 2 shoots all this process openly, with a permission of “Travel”, for the website content making.

And at the same time, other part of the group 2 makes a different kind of photo and video-material: from the long distance and side view, like somebody just walked around, saw that and made a photo. And this kind of files is not for the company's website, but for different other sites and forums, from the stranger’s side.

It means, we make triple reportage.

And while shooting of the company, boss works on charming the TV crew firstly to make them believe in his professionalism and honest of plans: to make the world better with his product. To make it easy and sincere, it is better to learn and work with the interview text in advance.

This way you will gain sympathy of the TV crew.

Your name, just like the company's, will be memorized much more than the reportage itself. And this gives you a free branding, from the TV crew to their friends and colleagues - potential clients. All these people - are companies, factories etc, which about will be made reportages in the future. If you have sympathy of the “Travel” TV crew - you have sympathy of their public.

So, what does it give to you? More and more popularity of you as the brand and your company. The time, when you will be famous as Steve Jobs and Apple, is coming.

The most important thing is recording everything: where you were, what you did, who’s hand did you hold. And as much your positive videos and useful topics will be in the internet, as higher your business rating will be.

Good luck!

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