The poison from McGregor

After watching press conference of McGregor and Habib I was kinda shocked.

I knew that McGregor acts defiantly (sort of narcissistic showman), therefore I was looking at it with a smile.

But I didn’t expect that UFC will stoop so low, allowing McGregor to openly promote his alcohol.

How greedy should the person be, if, instead of promoting healthy lifestyle, he drinks his whiskey with cries “Oh, so delicious! My alcohol is true gold!”. And using his prestige, he is like pushing his fans: “You should buy my drink even once, cause it’s so cool to feel yourself a McGregor!”

What the example McGregor gives to fans all over the world, and Irish young people first?

Come on, young people! Let’s become an alcoholics and make mother's tears a golden coin.

Where the Irish sports Committee and the government looks? Or McGregor is in share with you?

McGregor, your statement “I fight not for money, I fight because I like it” is a lie! All you do, you do just for money and you came here to transform press conference into promotion of your poison!

And you really need to win this fight only to put your fans on an alcoholic needle. It's so vile and despicable.

We call everyone who cares about national health: ignore McGregor and his poison!

Yeah, by the way. The real gentleman would never do such things like insulting his opponent’s family. And about your words that Habib’s father is a coward, because he didn’t stick a knife in dictator Kadyrov's back, while was making photo with him.

What about your photo with Putin?

Well, Kadyrov obeys Putin! Why didn’t you get a knife and stick it in dictator Putin’s back?

The whole world would have sighed with relief, and a street would have been named after you. Maybe posthumously.

So who is a coward now?

Money first of all and screw everything else - that’s Konnor McGregor style.


Live a healthy life! Good luck!

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