Smarter planning - Easier moving. Moving checklist.

Moving may be a real tough call and in order to avoid troubles along way you need a right plan. But don't you worry! Stick to our ready step-by-step guidelines and your moving will be simply a piece of cake.

Here it is:
5 weeks before...
- Set the moving date and get the moving arrangements going
- Go about your home to sort out items to be moved and to be left behind
- Run through the list of local moving companies to get quotes. Demand onsite estimate rather than over the phone one
- Keep everything that relates to moving in a binder: receipts, estimates, quotes etc.

4 weeks before...
- Confirm the moving date and assigned mover
- Inform your post office of your new address. Make sure your mail and other subscriptions will be redirected
- Start packing items you don't use on daily basis. You might want to consider on special packing or insurance for certain items
- Start running down on household and short-lived food supplies
- Have your children's school records transferred to their new school as well as your insurance papers, medical records

2 weeks before...
- Reconfirm the arrangements with the moving company
- Let your family, friends and other interested parties know your new address
- Wind up packing. Label each box with its contents and what room they are destined for
- Consider about
arrangements for your kids or/and pets for moving day

1 week before...
- Clean out your home. Empty the basement, loft and shed
- Have your TV, telephone, and Internet service rearranged. Call in advance to get these utilities all set by the time you move into your new home

Day before...
- Defrost the freezer. Make sure it's clean and empty
- Disconnect your washing machine, cooker and other equipment. Let hoses drain and air out
- Confirm the moving company's arrival time

Moving day!
- Be around when movers arrive
-Supervise the loading process. Give movers instructions on fragile items that need special handling.
- Instruct the truck driver on clear directions to your new home
- Stay in the house until the loading is completed. it's your responsibility to make sure none of your goods is left behind