How an article can help your Business (Part 2)

How the structure of the article looks like? 

The article title

(Should be a maximum of 7 words or 65 characters; describe what the article is about and create intrigue/mystery/secret; use the word “how” and numbers; write the title of the article in question.)

There is a sentence in which the author should briefly describe the problem that people face every day.


• What two miseries have pushed me to create my company;

• Why  (company name) became the leader of flower sales in London in 2017;

• How the product  (name of the product) changed the DNA of the patient for a month? 

• 5 secret approaches to each bank client;



(Briefly describe the content of the article; 300-350 characters divided into 4-5 sentences; short, informative and useful; intrigue/mystery is not allowed)

Should be brief, in one paragraph, which reveals in detail the essence of the problem. And if the headline catches the reader and he reads the article to the end, he will be 90% your client. What to do: think about what you want to write, not in a hurry. And, taking the story for your article, break it into parts. Select the key points and write them on a sheet of paper, marking the first, second, third points. Let them be "ugly”, in the future you will change them more than once.



1. What two miseries pushed me to create my company. What's better for a man who has lost everything?

Who lost health — disability by reason of the accident. Lost faith in people — wife has taken into her hands the house and my best, as I believed, “friend”. Slim pickings — to lose all sense of self in alcohol and commit suicide. Or create a successful company and bring traitors down a peg. I started drinking!

2. For example, you are engaged in cargo transportation. Facing problems of moving, people don’t know what company to choose — big or small. On the one hand, a large transport company has a large stock of cars, with extensive experience in transportation. On the other hand, an owner of one van has the best price policy. Let us see what and in which cases is better.


The content of the article

Write simple and clear, tie the article to a terrain that is close to a monument, famous building, hotel.

It's simple, look at the key moments of the introduction, which you described. How it all began and how it ended; while describing every point try to avoid repetition. The content of the article should consist of your analysis of the problem and its solution from different points of view.



1. What two miseries pushed me to create my company (this is a brief description). “This is the end,” I thought, losing myself in alcoholic ecstasy, going to the dogs. And once again revising the value of life I found the pros in this situation. Freedom from lies and betrayal – wife has left and is now living with my “friend”. It means that neither the right woman nor the right friend were beside me. I got rid of that on credit house and constant problems: leaking roof, noisy neighbors.... Even when I didn’t begin to improve health immediately, I found a nerve to start my own business, my better tomorrow. And this is my beginning…  

The author wanted to show that you can always find positive aspects.

You should present your experience in your area, which difficulties you’ve got through, and with which ways you’ve reached success. Also, select the most important points in your article for the reader and dwell it on. If you think this is not sufficient, or the explanation becomes too large, write few separate articles. Provide the examples from your practice or completed projects. Keep readers informed about the work you are doing now, but never promote yourself or your services explicitly. Write responses from your customers about you. The best way is making a video review. And if the text is going to be large, divide it into several parts with subheadings.  


Write 2-3 sentences in a positive, professional manner. You should write the conclusion as the statement of something you have realized, basing it on your experience and work results, and what you’re sure of.



Don’t write primitive advertisement about how good you are. It is better to write about your experience in your industry. The article should motivate a person, give him a reason to buy a service\product, make him change himself or change his thoughts. Don't write nasty things about your competitors.

If you want to say something about your competitor, write something like this: “Firm “K” are professionals in their job, this is for a fact, but there were unpleasant moments too, like the last unsuccessful investment, when investors lost money. Strange, they are professionals, but dropped the ball.” Use reliable facts only and never, never lie!  

After the article was written, do not publish it immediately! Give it some time to “ripen”, leave it for two or three days, then come back and read it again and, it’s for sure that you'll find something to change or add when rethinking everything again. Even if the text was written by a "super author", don't make the decision, whether the article is good or not, too fast.

Don't waste your time, place advertisement for your business right now.

Write your unique article about your business\product or any other topic and post it on our website. And don't forget to give zest too — an interesting case from your professional practice. Maybe, this interesting experience will be used by the administration of Offerpride to advertise you in a fun, humorous way. blog

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Business is what you create by yourself. Authority or mockery from others, family welfare or day-to-day job surviving, it’s up to you to decide what you want. Remember, you should not be afraid of writing, better be afraid of not writing.

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