How an article can help your Business (Part 1)

How an article can help your Business or how to stop spending Money on Advertising and Start developing your Business

Part 1

 Most businessmen-beginners pay a lot of money to TV-channels and radio companies in the hope of quick brand/product popularity and prominence. They don't account for the fact that human memory is very short, but a well-written article always works.

At the present day the Internet is essential to the development of any business, whether it is advertisement of your product/service or just a try to make a claim about yourself. And the creation of a unique article — better a series of articles — can give a hefty boost to the development of any business. This is a useful and, sometimes, the only right decision.


Let's have a look at some points.

Your direct competitors ignore the possibility of using informational articles for their business; they place an ad on the radio and in newspapers. And what do people know about them? Absolutely nothing. Well, somebody heard on the radio or read in a newspaper that there is a company which makes something. But why would we care? There are thousands of similar companies on the Internet. Who are they? What is their product? Is it really useful or not? Do they have any recommendations? What projects do they work on or what partners do they work with? What are they working on now?..

Are you getting the picture?

You are able to present yourself as a person and as a seasoned professional only within an article. And in a series of articles you will be able to tell about your company, areas of its activity, about your product, how people become happier by using it and working with you. Such articles will increase the worth of working with you, of your product, big up your status and presentability thereby showing the incompetence of your competitors.

And the great virtue of articles is that they will work forever, not as a one-day announcement about a job on the radio or in the newspapers. No, I don't mind ads on TV, I'm all for it! And you can also strengthen them with articles on the Internet. This would be perfect! But really this is a huge amount of money for these ads. Try to count — right airtime and a minimum of six months of broadcasting in order for people not to forget you. Yes, dreadful to think of how much money you will need! And if we take the fact into account that people are paying more and more attention to the Internet, then TV and radio will take a back seat, if not already taken. When an article is your contribution to the future of your business.

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Of course, constant writing of articles (one\two per month), publication, waiting for the result is a lengthy process, but it really does work and gives 100% result. You lose a lot more with doing nothing. Do not wait for a miracle, this is not going to happen, there are only you and your deeds.

And if you think that you can’t write anything more complex than your first and last name, you are very mistaken. It is sufficient to fulfill the conditions of proper article drafting. And most importantly, only you are the best copywriter (a person who writes articles) and advertising agent in one person, because you know all the nuances and strengths of your business.

And only you can tell about it the best way possible. Just close your eyes and remember your most successful negotiations with the client. What you talked about, how you advertised your product/service, remember what mistakes you made and how you corrected them, and write down what you feel you need to.

Highlight what was useful to the customers and what influenced the decision to work with you. In other words, you have to analyze and highlight your strengths in relation to your competitors. Also specify some problems you had, and how you solved them or will solve them in the future text. It will raise the profile and the credibility of your text. People love truthfulness and openness because we all are not perfect. And this will be your first unique article. Now, let's get it right.


• The article should solve the problem that a person faces;

• The article should be written in simple language (for someone who doesn't know anything about your business);

• Text must be unique — existing in a single copy and placed only in one resource (website);

• Specify briefly in what areas of business you work and for each of them write a separate series of unique articles.


How to write your own article, how is the structure of the article looks like and some examples

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