Housing Crisis in Ireland: a Myth or Reality?

bloodsuckers, increasing taxes and prices in ireland

Politicians talk about the housing crisis in Ireland. But I would call it a cold calculation of businessmen and those politicians.

Because in the country has a large number of idlers and not  Irish only, but also immigrants from all European Union, those who came to Ireland and “sit” on social security, doing nothing, and the state budget should feed all this herd of idlers, pay for utilities, housing.

And utilities money comes right to these businessmen’s and politician’s pockets.

It works much simpler than it seems.

These “gentlemen” are owners of huge number of private property, building companies, which build houses for benefit recipients.

Also, all tenders for building are usually taken by “right” candidates.

Therefore they are interested in this crisis and they promote it.

This becomes a payments loop: taxpayers (working people) pay big taxes to the government, the government in its turn gives money to idlers, and all these money just come back to politicians and businessmen, which applied new laws about increase prices, and not only for rent, but for food, insurance, increase of pension age.  They gain profit right in their pockets, and different bonuses, like free rent and much more.

payments loop, taxes in ireland

Prices for rent or buy realty are increasing, and life becomes more and more expensive.

So who will be able to buy a house? A young family or those who exploits taxpayers and state?

And if yes, then how expensive, how long will they pay the credit? 30 years? 40? 100?

What if they lose their jobs?

You see that prices are growing, and not only for housing, but for food, gasoline, for everything. Politicians argue that with good intentions, and building companies are still building.

So who is interested in such a crisis? Who will be able to buy realty and who has a profit of rent increasing? And even if this realty will be in government property, then whose companies will service this realty?

And all leads to make people slaves, slaves of their wants and animal needs.

Of course, it is profitable to keep Ireland in the Euro union as long as possible. And to foster laziness: for both Irish and immigrants, came not for work, but simply for good life.

That’s up to you – what to do? To follow the England way and clean your country of lazy ones, pushing politicians to decrease prices for all, or to keep feeding lazy bloodsuckers.

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