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While you’re preparing to get started with your orders, let us stop you for one more minute and ask about a little, but important thing — delivery planning. Both you and your client share the same goals — a delivery of the right cargo to the correct address always in time. When you get orders permanently, you need to optimize your time in order to improve your work efficiency. Therefore both client’s satisfaction and your successful promotion in large part depend on your good delivery scheduling. As we are interested in our carriers are the best in the transportation business, we considered available options to offer the best solution and help you with your time management, optimizing your workspace.

You could use a notepad or sheets of paper, and fill it with a delivery schedule template by hand. But if you don’t do it carefully, there might be some problems with structuring and checking your orders. It takes a lot of your precious time and can be hard not to forget anything and take all details. Or you could download a mobile application. It is easier to use and more convenient, but not so reliable, as a phone can run out of power anytime. In any case, you need to take a paper schedule with you. So when we thought it out, we decided to save your time and created a delivery planner for you! 

It’s a very thoughtful business schedule planner, which was specially designed for carriers with understanding of their needs and specific features of work. You can download it from our site for free and waste no more time writing a delivery schedule template manually. It already has all necessary fields, such as date, time, address, cargo, and others. You need just print it out, fill in the table and you’ve got your very own, neat and convenient delivery schedule. We believe it will really help to properly organize your workflow so that you’ll be able to work more effective and with more pleasure.

We also want to be the best in our work. So we’ll be very glad if you support our desire and help us to become better. Just try to use the delivery planner and give us a feedback. Your opinion will make our service more useful and effective! With the support of the community, we can find more good decisions. Tell us how comfortable to use this planner is, what is missing, what you’d like to be improved. Our developers will definitely take note of your proposals. Thank you a lot in advance!

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delivery planner

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