By promoting your partners, you give the green light to your business

Why you should promote your partners and how it will affect your business.


In previous articles we had discussed the importance of articles in promoting of any business or product. Now we are going to have a look at the importance of creating an affiliate program and advertising your partners in articles as well as in daily life.

Let’s have a look at an example

a) Housewife “A” is looking for a carrot salad recipe to diversify her family’s diet.

A quick search on the Internet brings her to an article of a famous cook, which "passingly" notes a carrot brand “Tasty”, which he buys from farmer “B”. One of the passages mentions that the high-quality carrot has a delicious taste and is affordable as well. In other words, he promotes his supplier, his partner.

The Housewife reads the article about the salad and becomes interested in that affordable “super-carrot.”

She clicks the link to the farmer’s article, where he talks about himself, his farm, and describes where and how he grows his carrot and other vegetables: in the best conditions, using only organic supplements. In his respective articles, the farmer mentions that culinary master.

After she reads the article, the housewife in question will likely doubt the correctness of her previous purchases. Although she had never searched for any special vegetables before and was making her choice with only her intuition and the product’s appearance, the words of the authoritative cook and the farmer’s unique article helped to convince her.

Therefore, her opinion will necessarily change, especially if it is based not only on one article, but on a multitude of them coming from different sources.

So, next time she goes grocery shopping, she necessarily will choose the better advertised product, even if its price is going to be a little higher.

b) The representative of company “A”, responsible for selling agricultural products, finds an article of that farmer. In this article, he sees that the farmer and the culinary master refer to each other in their articles, creating a sort of a partnership agreement in this way, increasing their respective authority and their product liquidity.

Having read the articles, he comes to the idea of creating a partner network. Having invited both cook and farmer, he participates in one big photo-and-video conference, where every one of the partners plays his own role. Thereby they created a great show with a some video reports, hundreds of photos and tens of articles. In other words, with one right step, they made their partner network, which could become a unique business-community in the future.

What achieve such an advertisement gives?

  1. Brand popularity – people start talking about this new network .
  2. Authority increases - professionals speak about professionals as about highest-level specialists.
  3. New clients – they will come from the most unexpected places, seeing as your materials will “travel” from the one internet-resource to another and spread information for you.
  4. The cook – increase of demand, and, as a consequence, the revenue.
  5. The farmer and company “A” – increase of sales.

You can promote absolutely any business with mutual advertising of this manner.

* I made this fence using the metal of company “X.”

* The metal my company produces is of the highest quality, so company “Y” used it to make elite high-toughness fences.

As you can see, there is potential for noticeable mutual benefit, and that is with just one or two partners. With an even greater number of participants of diverse business backgrounds, supposing every one of them makes at least 10 articles that mention your product, there will be widespread audience coverage and a powerful statement with regards to you and your business.

Of course, there are far less problems if you have been in business for a long time and already have partners. But what can you do, if you’re just opened, and have neither partners nor clients, let alone authority or good reviews?

Let's get some answers in our next article... 


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