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A high percentage of commissions for help in finding van loads or a transporter( man with a van). No and no again! Only on this service you will find carriers, loads and make a deal absolutely free of charge. And only on this service, you can describe the benefits of your product and service for dree and its cool. Because this resource is visited by people of various professions and social status. Only a purposeful and resolute person looking into himself can say what he really wants.

Check yourself and move forward!


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100% free service for placing orders. Free unlimited placement of orders by customers

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No hidden fees. Customers do not pay anything for using any of the site's features.

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No commission from deals. Administration of the site do not charge customers any commission from deals with transporters.

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Looking for a man with a van?

In our modern world the progress as the life itself is flowing in a flash. While looking for a better life we are constantly moving from one place to another, we strive not to be late to live.

Where to? What for?

Well, just here and there… someone wants to deliver a car, someone wants to move his favourite pet to a grandma’s place, because you are going for a holiday, or you are just moving because you found a better job on the other side of the city. Behind all these bustle and everyday chores we miss such an important moment as affordable removals.

And what do we do?

We call large shipping companies and usually meet good service but it costs you an arm and a leg, and that price is absolutely unproportioned to the amount of work the company had to do. Contacting the owners of moving vans directly through friend’s advice, we might find inexpensive service and cheap fees, but the scary thing is that even here we might get an insane price accompanied by a horrible service and gross attitude from the transporter.

Later you will be kicking yourself for the damage of a valuable cargo or overpay for nothing.

Sad, isn’t it?

No, we won’t say that our service is better and all our transporters are the best shipping companies. We won’t lie to you as there is always that one irresponsible person who might spoil the reputation of the whole company.
We won’t say that you will save 60% if not 80% of your money from your deals with transporters. Yes, you will definitely save but probably not as much.

So where to find a man with a van? And not just a van but a professional carrier, a guru of this business, who will provide his removal services and will charge you exactly as much as his professional services cost. This and few other related questions inspired us to create a service called Offerpride.

The main condition of our website is absolutly free services for placing delivery orders and no comissions from deals between customers and transporters.

Note that the administration of the Offerpride website does not get any commission from the conducted deals.

Be wise in the way you save your money!


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